Saturday, September 5, 2015

Package from France !

Having a easy place to dump your Blue Jays cards is great, especially if it is around the corner in France. In return, a package arrives from France with some cool cards. This happened again last week when our favourite French blogger Kevin at The Card Papoy send me a nice yellow envelop!

Here's what he send me ! First up, Yankees Stadium Legacy cards !! I am trying to complete the set and with over 5,000 cards still to go these are very welcome !!! Keep'em coming people !

I love this year's Diamond King. I am graudally moving towards completion but not yet there so these help a lot !!

Still trying to finish this year's Stadium Club so these are very welcome as well !!

Let me finish showing off two more cool cards from the package, a nice Pettitte Bowman as well as a cool Kellogg's 3D Supper Stars card !

Thanks Kevin for a bunch of cool cards !!

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