Saturday, August 4, 2012

Huge Wicked Trade !!!

A few months ago, when browsing the internet in search for cool baseball card blogs, I came across I large trade bait page with lots of interesting stuff. As I didn't know Wicked at The Cardboard Don yet I decided to simply contact him and to see what happens. Lucky for me Wicked found enough interesting stuff on my Trade Bait Page as well so after a couple of rounds going back and forth we came to a large and awesome trade. A few days ago a big envelop arrived at my doorstep with the following.....

First-up the Flying Dutchman, Bert Blyleven !! A cool auto I didn't own yet so a nice addition to my Blyleven Collection !

Wicked send me my first Bobby Abreu auto card as well, a nice addition to my Yankees collection!
Besides the autograph cards Wicked also send me a bunch of relic cards. Check out this cool Pepitone, numbered to #/40 from 2009 Upper Deck Icons !

I also really like this Tino Martinez Legendary Cuts relic card (#/75)
Two more Yankee relic cards, Sheffield and Gooden !

A trade that includes a Glavine I don't own yet is a good trade. A trade with 2 Glavines is always awesome !!

Mike Mussina also joined the party with a nice pinestripe jersey relic !
Wicked even send me a few more relics including Winfield and Abreu and in addition a pile of Yankees cards, great Yankees cards I must say ! A couple of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards were included ! As you might know I am chasing this set and need at least 5,000 more so these are always great when they are included in a package !!

Sabathia was also included as was one of the few, if not the only, Dutch Yankees player in history, Robert Eenhoorn !

Let me finish with these two very nice looking Pitcher cards, Tommy John and Guidry !

All in all an awesome trade so thanks very much Wicked !!! Check out his blog and his trade bait page for some awesome cards !

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and enjoy the weekend !


  1. Al is another great guy and he added a number of nice cards to my collection!

  2. good stuff always comes in Wicked packages!!

  3. Great cards and I'm a fan of the Yankee pinstripes!