Monday, August 6, 2012

I really love these Silk A&Gs !!

I recently picked up a very cool Verlander card, a 2012 Allen & Ginter Silk card. Holding that card in my hand made me appreciate the card even more and at that point I decided to chase the other Silk cards of the players I collect, such as Sabathia, Kershaw, Rivera and Lincecum. Since then I have been able to pick-up a Kershaw and a Rivera with hopefully a Sabathia on the way !!

Here's what arrived in a few days ago. I reallly like these cards and with only 10 of these around I feel very lucky and fortunate that I was able to get on hold of them !!

Thanks for visiting my blog and in case you have a silk Lincecum lying around let me know :-)


  1. I still need to pick one of these silk cards up. They look awesome from the pictures I've seen!

  2. Those look great together. I'd like to see all of them on the same page.

  3. wonder if you could make a patchwork quilted silk shirt out of them??

  4. Kershaw for trade?
    broken record over here
    = )

  5. I liked the silk cards before, but after reading your blog I've gained a new appreciation!