Thursday, August 23, 2012

JABO´s Loot Arrives - Finest & Spectrum !

Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside recently held one of his great group breaks and the loot arrived this week across the pond ! Actually the package contained the loot of 2 breaks as well as some extras Kyle threw in (Thanks Kyle!). One of the breaks was 2012 Topps Finest and I was just in time to grab the Yankees. Here´s what I got....

First up a green refractor of Betances (these are numbered to 199) and a cool Sabathia base card !

I was also lucky enough to get one of the hits ! An Austin Romine relic & auto card. The funny thing is that in my enthousiasm I forgot about this hit and also got one via eBay last week, so I now have two of these !

If that wasn´t enough, Kyle pulled me another Romine auto card !!

I also received the loot of an earlier Gypsy Queen break (if I remember correctly), mostly doubles so if you are still looking for base cards let me know and do check out my checklist as well as I still need a few as well ! I love the Koufax card, got now 2 of these as well, I need to start paying attention when these breaks happen !

Kyle also opened a box of 2008 Spectrum, a break in which I had the Tigers. So that means Verlander time !!

and more Verlander and a Rivera !!

The pack also included 2 more cards, a Glavine Kyle put in and a Tigers auto !

Lastly, before I forget one of the coolest cards, a die-cut Jeter !! These cards really look very nice !! In addition Kyle threw in a Yankees Stadium Legacy I got through his Prize Closet !

All in all, another great package from Kyle, thanks a bunch ! Note that Kyle is currently starting a new Group Break. It´s looking to be great with no less than 8 hobby boxes so hurry to his blog and sign-up !!