Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Glavine additions & Topps confusing me !!

Just a quick one today on two new Glavine additions, helping me to nicely grow my Glavine collection to new heights !! I picked these up on eBay recently, arriving safely at my doorstep earlier this week.

First one is a very cool looking jersey card from the 2007 Triple Threads set, numbered to only 9 !! Although the front looks awesome, the back to me was the most interesting part.....

If you read the text Topps claims that 1. It's an All-Star Game jersey worn by Glavine AT the game, 2. Glavine had to decline participating in the 2006 All-Star me the latter indicates that Tom didn't play and likely didn't attend. So how could have worn this one during the game......well Topps, you lost me here......In case anyone knows the answer to this "mystery" leave a comment !!

The second card is also like very much because I think this is the first card I own with an actual part of his shoe !! Oke, now I am starting to sound like a Geek to most non-baseball card collectors (but lucky for me I don't think they read my blog!).

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. I'm confused by the first card too, although it looks cool.

  2. Two amazing cards! Love the shoe relic!

  3. he OBviously wore that one while sitting on his couch watching the game... duh!!