Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anyone likes Trains ?

I have lived in London for a few year and during my stay I sometimes visited the local antique markets in search for fun stuff. On one of my journeys I found some cool cards. Of course no baseball cards, not even sports cards but cards of old trains and rail equipment. I have always been a fan of the old steam locomotives so I this was a great find. It's a set of 50 cards, cigarettes cards that is. Issued by Wills in 1938 in England. 

In addition to the above trains some more railroad equipment !

All in all I really like these and if I find some more I would love to pick them up !! What do you guys think, anyone collecting these ?


  1. I ordered 2 collections from an eBay seller over UK but about military uniforms and so.
    After getting the first two collections from them I hope to go for the airplanes collections.
    Those are some bright coloured cards you got there.

  2. I love old tobacco cards. I actually bought that same set a fews years ago and gave it to my train loving father-in-law for Father's Day. Tobacco cards are fun and suprisingly inexpensive in a lot of cases.

  3. I probably would if there was such a set featuring American trains.

  4. I love model trains, does that count?

  5. Dr. Sheldon Cooper of the show The Big Bang Theory loves trains.

  6. Not trains in particular, but I have a few of the older non-sports tobacco cards. I love 'em.