Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Need Help !!

I need some help. I recently picked-up a nice Bert Blyleven autographed card. Supposedly it is one of the 2004 original buyback cards by Topps.  A clear hint is the Topps sticker on the back. I was wondering, is there any site/place where I can input the code to get more information on the card etc ? Can't seem to find anything on the Topps site and Google was not that helpful this time either !!

Thanks for the help !!


  1. Do you mean this:

    I knew I had once entered one of those codes on the card back to see what it was. It was way easier to find it before on topps site. I only found it through here:

    Hope it helps.

    1. Thanks Ana, think i tried that but will check again !

  2. Did you have any luck finding it? only thing I'd suggest is google...

  3. would love to know where you went for my reference