Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crackin Wax Charity Loot !!

A few weeks back, Crackin Wax held a group break for charity (St. Jude Children's Hospital), so double the fun, we help charity and get some cards as well ! So I quickly participated and ended up with the Mets for hopefully some Glavine cards !! Here's what arrived at my doorstep !

First-up, some beautiful Gold Label cards, I really like these and trying to complete the set (only just started) so these are very helpful !!

Next-up, two Topps Reserve, also a nice set I must admit, first time I came across these.

The two "hits" of the break, a awesome Cut to the Chase (I already have it so up for trade!) and even an auto card was included, Jefferies, to be honest I have never heard of him (up foer trade as well).

Glavines were included !! Here are two nice ones !!

Lastly, two Topps Finest, Blue Chips !

This was all just a selection as it was a big pile ! I am looking forward to contribute to charity next time !!


  1. Nice !
    I have a small pile started for you, I'm sure I can add some Gold Label.

  2. Awesome, still need most of these gold label cards !

  3. Glad they got to you safely! Thanks again for participating! :)

  4. Free the cardboard. Free the cardboard. Free the cardboard. Free the cardboard. they are suffocating under all that plastic... just sayin'

  5. I'm a big Piazza fan! Love those cards!

  6. oh wavy cards.
    Not a fan but nice pick up by you

  7. That's the one Gold Label set I don't like too much. Nice hit on the Jeffries. I remember his '88 Donruss card...supposed to make me rich!