Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Nightly Trade !

A while back I send Greg at Night Owl Cards a bunch of Dodgers. A return package arrived last week and a cool one it was !! Greg found some good stuff from my Want List and also added a bunch of Kershaw cards that I was still looking for !!

Let's start with some cool Kershaw cards !!

Greg also included minis !! I always love mins and these I still needed to complete my 2013 minis insert !!

He also added some Topps Opening Day inserts, meet Screech (not the "saved by the bell" one !!!).

and more inserts, Opening Day Highlights !!

Lastly, a cool Diamond Duos card of Koufax and Kershaw !!
All in all a cool trade so thanks very much for the cards Greg, looking forward to our next trade !


  1. Excellent! More Kershaws in Holland! Still very cool.

  2. Scrrreeeeeeeech! That's the sound of my fingers typing all these "captcha" things.