Sunday, September 8, 2013

COMC - A New Package !!

Every few months I feel the urge to pay a quick visit to COMC, my last visit a few weeks ago. This week a nice package from COMC arrived. So, Check Out My Cards !!

First-up, the best card of the pack, another Glavine auto card for my Glavine PC !! 2009 Sweet Spot Baseball !

I found some more Glavines !! Two 2005 Leaf Materials, gold and silver !

More Glavines and a cool Blyleven !

Here's Rizzo, a cool 2012 Turkey Red, my first one, still need to chase Kershaw, Rivera and Sabathia !

Lastly, the two final cards I needed from my 2012 Topps Mini set, finally another completed set !!

That's it, another fun package from COMC, looking forward to the next one !!


  1. Those Sweet Spot autos are cool, but I've seen a lot of them fade... or faded.

  2. Love the Sweet Spot signature cards! Great pick-ups!

  3. love the sweet spot series
    wish they would bring it back

  4. That's a nice Sweet Spot. Hope it doesn't fade on you!