Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Some 2 by 3 Ginter !!

When I returned home from a small trip I received another PWE, again from Jeff at 2by3Heroes. Yes, that's right, another one as you might recall I received one 3 weeks back as well !! This time it was a A&G package which some nice cards from my Want List (still plenty on there so if you have A&G to trade check it out!!).

First-up, a few Across the Years I still needed, meet Bundy (no, not Al) and Wright !!

I love the Curious Cases and was always (and still am) intrigued with Area 51 (tell me my American friends, what's out there!).

I am also in need of some base cards and Jeff had a few for me !!

Lastly, a cool planet, Uranus !!

Thanks Jeff for another cool PWE, a return package with a pile of A&G is on the way !!