Sunday, September 15, 2013

When is a Win a Win ??

I have been away for a week, doing a quick trip to the US. Whenever I am in the US I always try to catch a baseball game and I was in luck because the Yankees were playing at home against the Red Sox. I had a blast and was very happy I had the opportunity to watch Rivera play for 2 innings, likely the last time I could see him play before he retires ! Yankees won as well !

The next day, however, I was a little confused. Rivera was credited with a Win which I wasn't sure why that was. He came in with the Yankees leading by 1, he gave up a run with the Red Sox tying the game. In the bottom of the 9th the Yankees still won due to a wild pitch which enbaled Ichiro to score. So, in my view, "at best" Rivera defended the lead (i.e. a "save") although he did let the Red Sox tie the game during his two innings.

So please help this simple European guy out and shed some light on the situation !

Thanks and soon it will be back to cards as I had some nice packages at my doormat when I returned home !


  1. When the score is tied, as it was when Rivera gave up the lead to the Red Sox, and then the offense comes through and reclaims the lead, as the Yankees did, then the last pitcher to record an out will be credited with the win.

    I believed Rivera did what some baseball folk would refer to as "vultured" a win. (Otherwise known as: blowing the leading and being fortunate enough for the offense to bail you out.)

  2. Tom nailed it on the head. Rivera actually gets the win, but he's also credited with a blown save.

  3. It's always nice to watch your favorite win! Have not made it to a Major League game yet... but soon...

  4. Blown save and a win all in one! Nice!