Saturday, September 28, 2013

My best Sabathia card so far !!

I really like the 2011 Gypsy Queen set, a set I completely missed and still need to complete the base set of (I even still have to compile my Want List on this one). I recently came across a cool Sabathia card and to my surprise I even won it. So please meet my latest and favourite Sabathia card !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!


  1. Haha... I think we were bidding against each other! I needed that card for my GQ autograph set! Glad it ended up with you though! It's a tough find!

    1. Aah, that would be annoying if true :-) sorry about that ! Next one is for you with at least one competitor less !

  2. Those GQ autographs are amazing. I'd consider building that set... but don't want to get into bidding wars with The Dimwit ;-)

  3. I need a CC auto! Really sharp on-card, and a nice photo where he doesn't look massive (like he does in all his Topps base cards). I have his auto on paper, but not on a card. Looks perfect here. Very cool!

  4. yeah, it looks like he went on a diet for that photo.

  5. nice auto but it doesnt look as tight as ive seen others

  6. I didn't know CC had an auto in that set.