Friday, September 27, 2013

Did I collect Verlander cards ?

Yes I actually did, or still do. However, my focus has been on Kerhsaw, Rizzo, Glavine and Blyleven for the most part hence I have neglected my Verlander collection in recent months. As a result I am very happy with my latest Verlander additions, bringing back some momentum in this collection !

First up a cool Bowman Platinum die cut card. Cool card if you ask me !!

Next up a nice 2008 Upper Deck Premier Patches. I was surprised how easy I won this one as it is numbered to only 17.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have any Verlanders to trade always let me know !!


  1. Wow, Verlander jealousy being felt for that Premier patch.

  2. I wish you were in my fantasy league... I would have traded you Verlander months ago. I'll never draft a pitcher in the first round again ;-)

    Btw... awesome patch card.

  3. Ha! 17 is my lucky number (one of them, the other is 7) My wife and I were married on Thursday, February 17th, 20 years ago next month!! very cool Verlander patch card

  4. Nice cards! I love the Premier Patches cards!

  5. See what happens when you ignore a guy for so long. You end up picking up some nice stuff.