Thursday, November 14, 2013

Minis from Democratic Roadkill, part one !!

I always love the minis subsets in the Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter sets. At the same time, it's a huge challenge to complete these minis sets. That's why Duane's help from the Democratic Roadkill blog is always very much appreciated. Like last year we made a good deal and all the cards arrived last week. Given the large amount of cards I will spread this one over a few blog posts ! Let's kick things off !

First up, the insert minis, this helps me a good way forward but still loads to go so let me know if you have any for trade !!

More minis, black and gold-bordered minis including some for my player collections with Rizzo, Sabathia, Blyleven and Verlander !!

Last-up some Gypsy Queen minis. I am also chasing these minis so great so have some more incoming !

More great stuff in the next posts including a Colony !!


  1. Nice cards !
    Duane's a great guy, lives an hour or so south of me. We met a show in Columbus ,Ohio and plan to go to another in mid Dec.

    1. Awesome, always great to hear about bloggers meeting up face to face....for me that would be a bit harder guven the pond in between !

  2. If I remember to take your list with me, I am hoping to hit a card show this weekend where I may be able to pick up some more of your GQ minis. I cleaned the guy out of all my needs of ginter and kimball minis but the GQs I haven't touched and he has been sitting on them for a while. I may even get a good deal on them.

  3. LOVE MINIS. That's a mini bonanza.

  4. the only problem with minis is trying to find the pages to hold them at a decent price!!

  5. Great mini's! Love the ones with the black borders!