Friday, November 1, 2013

Some Dutch Ginter !!

I love Allen & Ginter and having a Dutch star in the set doesn't happen every day (ignoring Bert Blyleven for a moment of course). A Dutch Soccer player is even more awesome !! It's Robin van Persie, top scorer of the Premier League en striker of the Dutch Soccer team. I don't have the autographed mini yet (still way too expensive at the moment but coming down rapidly) but I did find myself a cool mini !! Meet Robin's numbered red back mini !!!

I hope Topps will include some more soccer superstars in next year's Allen & Ginter !!
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  1. awesome! I can't even get the base card of him around here....

    now if only A&G would make a card of van der Sar!!!! I would be all in!

  2. His card would be hotter if Man. Utd. wasn't going through the re-building phase. Still, a performance in next summers World Cup couls see these A&G cards sky rocket.

  3. Mister Van Goal...well at least when he was with Arsenal. He did the wrong choice. Oh well, still a good player but not as best as he was with the Gunners! ;)