Sunday, November 3, 2013

Topps Delivers again !!

I have heard plenty of horror stories about Topps Redemption program and I am no fan either (hate to wait, even have a redemption today that is not yet in the Topps System....). However, to date Topps has always delivered, usually after 6 months or so..maybe I am just lucky !

A few months back a few 2013 Museum Collection redemptions were on eBay, a few of my favourite dutch MLB player, Bert Blyleven !! As Topps might have scared away people from buying redemptions (or Bert Blyleven is not the most popuylar guy) I was able to get my hand on not one but two framed redemtpions, one silver, one black. I love these cards, realy beautiful with the steel frame around it. Here they are !!

I still have a bunch of outstanding redemptions so hopefully Topps continues to deliver in the future as well !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. I love the silver sharpie signature!

  2. Man, those are gorgeous. This Twins fan is jealous! Congrats!

  3. Nothing wrong with the Twins either. Mrs. Dawgbones is from Mn!

  4. Wow! Those look great! I've got to add some Hall of Fame auto's to my collection!

  5. Silver is always best on dark.
    Great cards