Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trade with Italy !!

Not a lot of people in Europe collect baseball cards but I am happy to know a few. One of these collectors is Calciati Riccardo from Italy, the only Italian I know, at least for now, who collects baseball cards ! Last week I received a big, big package from Italy with some awesome cards. He really went out of his way to make this a great one !! Here's only a few great cards he send me as I can only show a small portion of the loot ! Let's start with Glavine !! If there is a new Glavine in a package the package is already a huge success. In this package there were actually multiple new Glavine cards for my PC !!

More great pitchers were included !! Here's Verlander and the Flying Dutchman, Blyleven !!

Some large (maybe box toppers) were also included. Here's Seaver and Ryan ! Cool looking cards !!

Another interesting card was included. Have a look at this one...I already had a few of this set but this one was new to me !!

Another set I discovered, Upper Deck Yankees Classics...I think I am going to try to complete this set, looks like a cool one !!

Lastly, two more cool cards, Michael Jordan (yes, I had Air Jordan shoes as well when I was young) and a cool Legendary Cuts card !

Thanks for an awesome trade !!! Be on the look-out for a return package in the coming period !!


  1. The two large Donruss Champions cards you have are from an oversized set sold in 1984... they came in 5-card cello packs. I collected them at the time because I love oversized cards, but they weren't all that popular at the time (or now).

    I wrote about the NY Mets in this set back in June:

    1. Ah, oke, I really like them as well, should chase a Glavine (need to check if he has a few). thanks for the link !

  2. I know lots of Italians -- they're in my family -- but none of them collect baseball cards. :( ... They're all soccer fans.

  3. Love the Masterpieces, classic looks. Still need to find myself a box of those to open one of these days...

  4. That Casey Stengel card is awesome!

  5. Italy obviously gives you more than just pasta
    nice pick ups