Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sabathia Calling !!

I really like this year's Calling Card inserts, not sure why but I just think they look cool. These have both relic and autograph versions but I rarely see them popping-up on eBay or COMC. A few weeks back I finally saw one of these relic version, numbered to only 25, and I was able to pick it up due to a lack of competition (I have the feeling Sabathia cards are way less popular compared to a year ago..great for me!!).

Here it is !!

What do you guys thinks, do you like these ?


  1. I love this. I've got a few CC relics, but no pinstripe! I like how it's diagonal.

  2. Love them, especially striped relics, very cool.

  3. Never sen this particular set before. It looks great!

  4. always love the relics with the stripe