Friday, November 15, 2013

Democratic Roadkill, part 2 !!

Following up from part 1, here's part 2 of the Democratic Roadkill loot !! Earlier this week I showed you the minis. Today we will have some more fun stuff !! Let's start with a Colony card, never had one of those before, I think they are at least interesting, kinda cool !

Duane also send me some more inserts from one of the older A&G sets. I like these...

More minis were included, two high numbered minis of my favourite pitchers, Kerhsaw and Rivera !!

Duane also send me a cool Glavine card and even a Dutch Soccer card. Actually a very nicely looking soccer card made by Futera (of which I had never heard).

To finish today, two cool Yankees cards, Sabathia and Rivera. I even at some point seriously considered to complete the Yankees Stadium Legacy collection, still would love to do that but need to give it much more serious attention !

That's it, the package included loads more cards so thanks again Duane. Looking forward to a similar deal next year !


  1. Glad you liked the soccer card.... and yes that is a nice looking card from a company that I had never heard of either. Considering I got it as filler in a lot of cards I bought on ebay, it is way to nice of a card to not go to a good home.

  2. Grow any sea pets yet? I need to get that Kershaw mini.

  3. Brine shrimp? Who hasn't tried those as a kid!!

  4. I remember seeing those Colony in a Card cards when they first came out! That's pretty cool!