Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Stadium Club Box Break !

Each year I try to get some Allen & Ginter boxes, for me the best break of the year. To make shipping worthwhile I usually add some packages to the pack. This year I decided to add some Diamond Kings and Stadium Club. Let's start with Stadium Club !!

Given that I am late to the party and everyone has already seen all the base cards (which are awesome by the way) let me simply focus on some of the inserts and "hits". First up, the best inserts of 2015 Stadium Club: Legends !! Really nicely looking cards !

I like the True Colors insetr set as well, nice quality cards !

Same as last year, Triumvirate was included, nice but strange cards I must say.

I pulled Rizzo as well, here is his "contact sheet" !!

The "hits" of the two boxes were the following auto cards, not sure what to say about these....

To finish it all off I was lucky enough to pull Glavine's base card !

To conclude, I really like Stadium Club and feel Topps did an awesome job ! Still need a few of the base set so in case you have some lying around let's set up a trade !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Stroman is a stud.
    Walker had some teething troubles but he's been a stud.
    Norris can be a stud if he can stick in a rotation (he's not really the kind of power arm who can be effective in the bullpen)

    And Finnegan was just traded to the Reds in the Cueto trade.

    1. Thanks for the background, can't seem to keep up with all these new rookies !!

  2. You need to work out a deal with the Card Papoy....So many Blue Jays! Like Zippy said Stroman is a beast. He was probably already the best pitcher in the rotation before he got hurt in spring training (non arm injury).

    1. Yep, I see another package towards France in the future !!

  3. Every time I see Stadium Club inserts... I get Cyndi Lauper stuck in my head again.

    "So don't be afraid to let them show your true colors. True colors are beautiful like a rainbow."