Thursday, July 30, 2015

Number 250 !!!!!

Earlier this week I received number 250. "250 what" you say ? Well, my 250th Glavine Auto card !!! Yes, an amazing number and to think I started from scratch 5 years ago ! Not sure if this qualifies as a "supercollector" but I am on my way at least !

Here's my current Glavine stats, still a lot of cards to go:

So let me see the card I hear you think ! Well here it is, number 250 !

Thanks for visiting my blog today and keep the Glavine cards coming !!


  1. Great-looking card. Congratulations!

  2. "Other cards" means base and parallels, or the statistic refers only to Autos and Relics?
    You're collection is amazing!!!

  3. we are close but u win autos big time!!!