Sunday, July 12, 2015

Got myself a Squirrel !!!

While visiting Orlando a few months back I bought me first original Allen & Ginter card at one of the local card shops. Since then I had my eye on expanding my pre 1900 Allen & Ginter collection. Although not much happened for the next few months I was lucky to get myself a Squirrel, a 1890 Squirell. So meet my Squirrel !

And that's not all, as the same seller had two more for only a few dollars ! So meet my Turnstone !!

Lastly, a 1989 American Bittern !

I really like these old A&G cards so will gradually collect some more ! What about you guys, fancy some of these old cards  ?


  1. I've been working on putting together the N20 set, Fifty Prize & Game Chickens.

  2. Nice gets! I do enjoy vintage A&G as well.