Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Diamond Kings Box Break

After the Stadium Club break a few days earlier it is time for Diamond Kings. I think Panini did a great job when I bought some packs during my Orlando visit and therefore it was hard for me not to add 2 small boxes of Diamond Kings to my A&G package !

Let's see what was in the boxes ! First up, minis !!! I love minis so I am chasing the mini set as well. Too bad the boxes only come with 2 minis so this is going to take some time ! At least I pulled a Rizzo !

The packs also come with framed variations that look pretty nice. Here's two !

Another blue bordered one numbered to 99 and a thick, very thick framed mini !

Inserts were also included, here's two HOF Sluggers !

More inserts, Puig and McCutchen !

The "hits" of the pack, a cool Cano and a Cubbie !

A few more inserts including Shoeless Jackson !

Last but not least, another cubbie and the only auto of the two boxes, Meet Matt !

That's it folks ! I continue to feel that Panini did a good job with this one. I have a bunch of extras in case anyone is trying to complete the set let me know, always happy to set up a trade !! I need some more myself as well !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. That Frank Chance is cool. This was a great set and the price was very affordable. The checklist is one of the best this year. Lots of pre war era players.

  2. I agree. A lot of Panini looks horrible with no logos, but Diamond Kings bucks that trend. I need to snag a box of it.