Thursday, May 1, 2014

Junior Junkie Trade !!

TJ from the well-known blog The Junior Junkie contacted me a while back for a trade and given that I had a pile of Griffeys ready for him a trade was quickly born. The loot arrived a few days ago!

Let's start with some 1976 Topps ! I am chasing the full set so these are a welcome addition ! Some 200 more to go !!

Minis !! I love minis !!! This put a great dent in my Want List !!

TJ also found me a bunch of inserts from my Want List, much appreciated !!!

The Flying Dutchman !! Two cool new "vintage" Blylevens for my PC !!

My favourite (ex) Yankees pitchers, Sabathia and Rivera from this year's relaunched Donruss !!

TJ also send me some Glavines !!! Here are two new beauties for my Glavine PC !!

Few more cards before I wrap it up ! Two cool Seaver cards !!

Thanks TJ for a great trade, looking forward to the next !!