Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My first Blowout Trade !

Now and then I visit the Blowout Baseball card forum to read the chatter on players, new sets and cool cards. I also indicated on the site that I collect Glavine, not expecting it to result to anything. However, last week I was contacted by another forum member who had two cool Glavine cards for sale. Usually I can't resist these offers and this time was no different ! Here they are !!

A cool  auto for my Glavine PC, one numbered to only 5 ! In addition, a great relic card numbered to only 25 ! Thanks Cody for two cool cards !!

Anyone of you ever trading through the Blowout forum ?


  1. I used to trade a lot on Blowout. But I kind of left after I started losing interest in certified autographs and questionable relics.
    Nice cards though.

    1. I still tell myself these are all real and "guaranteed" :-))