Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Package from Greg !

Earlier this year I held a contest and one of the winners was Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. I send him a nice price but we also included a trade as I had a cool Kershaw card for him. Greg send me a very cool return package which arrived a few days ago. Let's have a look !!

First up two cool relic cards with two great Yankees Pitchers !

Greg also included some cool TriStar cards with some young Yankees, David Phelps is already doing fairly well in today´s line-up !

Two vintage card, if I may call them that ! A cool addition to my Topps 1976 set, some 300 cards to go !!

Greg also included an auto card, Eduardo Nunez !!

Minis !!! Allen & Ginter Minis !!! Another step closer to completing the full set !! If you have any to trade do let me know !!

Two of my favourite Yankees pitchers were included as well, Rivera and Sabathia !!!

Lastly, Greg included a World Series Commemorative Patch with Matsui !

Thanks Greg for an awesome package !! Looking forward to a next one and sorry for the shipping charges !


  1. Nice Nunez even though that auto looks almost nothing like his autograph today (he's depicted as a SI Yankee too :)).

  2. Thanks for the trade amigo! Glad you enjoyed everything. And no worries man, nothing we can do about the U.S. post office haha.