Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Topps Delivers again !!

Quick post today with 2 new Kershaw additions !! I am beginning to like Topps redemption program !!

Here's the frast one !! A shame it's a sticker but still a cool one !!

Here's number two, they look a-like but the numbering is slightly different !

That's it for today, thanks Topps !! Now let's hope that Panini delivers....one can dream right :-)))


  1. Those are some sweet cards! I'm getting close to having enough cards for another trade package to send your way. Pull any Pirates lately?

    1. Sorry, dont have the chance to break too many boxes here in Europe...only have that GQ auto still lying here for you to be send out !

    2. No problem. The cards I have are yours. I just need to find a few more things to fill up a bubble envelope.

  2. Beautiful cards! What's the difference between the two different parallels though?

  3. They look the same but one is numbered to 50 and the other to 25. Topps is mean when they want..
    But very nice both of them ;)