Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Rizzo cards !!

Quick post today with two new Rizzo cards, one from COMC and one from eBay !

First-up my nicest Rizzo in my collection !! A awesome Museum Collection Booklet !! Now I just need to find a nice way to store them !

Second cards is a mini, not just a mini, a Gypsy Queen mini, autographed as well !!

Love these minis !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!


  1. Check out Ultra Pro magnetic cases. They make them with a stand to show them off. Here's the link to their site, but check out ebay too.

    1. Thanks Keith for the link ! Up to now I only had some landscape ones. Thanks !

  2. That book is seriously sweet. Nice score!

  3. I love the Museum Collection books. I've lost several auctions trying to win Pirate variations of that same card. Congrats on the pick up!