Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Allen & Ginter box 2

After I showed you the loot from Allen & Ginter box1 it's time for box 2 today ! Let's start with the disappointment: 99% of basecards and 95% of the inserts were the same as in box 1. Clearly not a great way to start collecting this year's set and not helping me much on my way to complete the set. But, as said in my earlier post, plenty of stuff to trade !! With the insert also largely the same let's focus on the fun stuff !

Let's start with the box topper, McCutchen. I like these box toppers and have a Kershaw on the way as well !

Next up, the 5% of inserts I did not find in box 1 which is a Field of Lore card. This one is from Wrigley Field. I was lucky enough to visit Wrigley Field last year, a cool experience. Hope to get my hands on the other cards from this set as well !

Next up a bunch of minis and yes, that's a black-bordered Glavine !!

Now let's move to the "hits" of the box, here's Tulowitzki and Posey, both for trade !

The last hit of the box was a framed auto of Kelly, a nice looking card if I may say so !!

That's it for box 2, a bit disappointed in all the base cards and insert but this will be compensated by the RIP card that I pulled from box 3, more on that tomorrow !!


  1. Are you attempting to get the box toppers as well? If not, I would love to trade for that McCutchen.

    1. Nice idea indeed. It would be more awesome if these boxes contain their live match tickets which are old now.

  2. That Posey is great, wish I had something to trade. Start a Posey collection, that's what I'd do.