Monday, July 7, 2014

Tier One for Trade !!

I recently noticed a cool Kershaw card on eBay. The problem, however, was that it was part of a bunch of cards, cards I had little interest in. Still, I figured "just bid on the bunch and trade the rest away, as long as I could get it for a reasonable price!". So it went and a bunch of cards fell on my doorstep ! Here they are, all for trade !!

First up, Kimbrel and Encarnacion, the latter only numbered to 50 !

Next-up, Adrian Beltre, only numbered to 25 !

The pile also included 2 autographed cards, Mike Olt and Salvador Perez. I like these New Guard autos !

Last-up, the card that started all of this. My latest Kershaw addition !!

In case you are interested in a trade do let me know !! Thanks for visiting my blog today !

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