Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ginter Arrives across the Pond !!

I have been swamped with work, family and world cup in recent weeks so posting has been very modest. Hopefully things will accelerate from here, at least until my holiday in two weeks time !!

Best break of the year for me is always Allen & Ginter, closely followed by Gypsy Queen. Like each year I try to get 3 boxes of A&G and this year was no different. They arrived yesterday so let's have a look at what I pulled. As boxes 2 and 3 had almost exactly the same base cards (thanks Topps!) I still need plenty of regular cards (bad news) but also have plenty to trade (good news!!). The other good news is that I did pull my first RIP-card, one numbered to only 5 and from a team that a lot of you support so stay tuned for that one, maybe I will dedicate a seperate post to that one all together !!

As I am always 1 to 2 weeks behind everyone else let me not bore you with the base cards and focus on the inserts and hits. I do think they did a good job with the base cards this year although the non-baseball stuff is less exciting than previous years, in my view. Let's kick off !! The first box contained a box topper ! I pulled a Landmarks & Monuments. Although it's a hassle to store these properly I do love these and will try to complete the full set !! Meet Jefferson below !

Best insert for me this year is Pastimes. These cards really look nice, have a look at Ripken and Smoltz !!

After Pastimes, the best insert set for me is Air Supremacy. They are really cool looking cards. To me it would be really awesome in case Topps does a set of historic locomotives/trains for next year's A&G !! So Topps, in case you are listening :-))

Another one of the inserts are the World's Capital's, fairly nice looking cards.

Two more insert sets, Festivals and Fairs and Natural Wonder !

Minis !! Always love the minis and will chase all the sets and subsets !! Here are a few I pulled, including some of the mini inserts !

Let's have a look at the hits ! Here are two, Gonzalez and Zimmerman. I have the feeling I have been pulling a bit too many Zimmerman relics the last few years. Both up for trade !

Last hit of the box was a framed-mini relic iof Longoria. I like this years framed minis given the colour combinatiojns they have chosen.

I want to finish with something "strange" which is a regular base card without a number. I no we have had this with minis for years (apparently there are only 50 of these minis each) but never seen them for base cards. Noticed Night Owl also talking about this last week. According to the blowout forum all Jennings are missing a number and missing number 114. Might have something to do with "crack the code" contest.

That's it for box 1, box 2 and 3 posts should appear soon with one of them containing the first base card I ever pulled, from a team a lot of you are supporting !

In case you want to trade some A&G let me know, my want list should be up in the coming days!

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