Thursday, July 31, 2014

Series 2 finally arrives !!

This year I decided to combine my Series 2 order with the delivery of my Allen & Ginter box, hence they arrived "late". I completed the base set but still in need of a lot of inserts (please check my Want List). Given that I am late to the party let's stick with the non-basesets in this post ! If you see anything you like let me know !!

Let's start with some colour variations, pink and black !

More colors ! Gold and Black with the latter already spoken for.

The "hit" was a Starlin Marte auto cards (also spoken for), not too bad although I am never a big fan of sticker autos.

Two relics were in the boxes as well, Guerrero and Hamilton. The latter I have in my fantasy baseball team hence boosting my stolen bases !

I also pulled these repacked vintage cards. I think the concept is cool but hate the "new" stamp on it. I prefer the have my vintage set being really vintage (or maybe I am just complaining about nothing). All are for trade except the Yankees card !

Besides working towards completiing the set I also pulled 3 cool Kershaws for my Kershaw collection !! I love the Saberstars inserts !

All in all, less fun then normal to be homnest, probably because it arrived with the A&G which is of course much more fun. Again, always happy to trade so let me know !!


  1. William over at Foul Bunt would probably love that Chris Davis card (if he doesn't already have it). I'll be sure he sees it and I'll ask him to get in touch with you. Consider this his claim to that card! hahaha

  2. The Hamilton has a nice look to it.

  3. I'd be interested in the gold Kemp and topps-stamped Hooton cards, if you're so inclined.