Monday, May 18, 2015

Visit to Orlando Sportscards !

So I asked for some advice the week before my holiday about which LCS to visit during my stay in Orlando. Several of you mentioned that I should visit Orlando Sportscards and of course I obliged !

After a 30 minute drive I arrived at the shop with my wife and kids. This of course meant I needed to entertain my kids a bit to enable a longer stay at the card shop. Luckily my kids love Pokemon and they had a nice assortiment of cards for them to look through !!

With that I could start looking through some boxes for some Glavine cards !! The shop itself has a nice set-up and has plenty to look through and also a nice assortiment of boxes and supplies. The owner, Kendall, is also a very nice guy and we chatted a bit about the hobby. Time was limited of course so I jumped right into a few boxes after that. I found myself a few nice Glavine additions !

Here's a 1998 Topps Stars numbered to 9799 (interesting how they came up with such a print-run !) and a 2004 Leaf Limited (/100). 

I also found a 2006 SP Authentic card as well as a 1992 Panini Sticker !

Last up a very thick Panini Father's Day card as well as another M&M one. Still trying to complete the M&M set so further additions are welcome !!

That was it for the Glavine loot. This brings my total different Glavine cards to 1,625 !! I continue to target at least 2,000 Glavine cards by year-end, let's see if that is possible !!

In addition, to these Glavine cards I bought a few boxes to break during my Holiday, 2 2015 Gypsy Queen and 2 Series 1 boxes so stay tuned in the next few days on a review of these boxes !!

Thanks Kendall for the service, if you come across interesting Glavine cards in the future always feel free to contact me !!


  1. That sticker could be a mirror ball in a disco.

  2. *Obligatory sticker is shiny comment*

  3. Looks like a lot of fun ! Not everyday us Europeans get to see a brick and mortar LCS

  4. Do you collect any European baseball cards or know anyone who does?

    1. Jason, to be honest I haven't come across any European baseball set yet, not even sure they exist. Do you have any examples so I can check them out ?

    2. There have been quite a few sets issued for Dutch teams. I suspect they were only available at games. Check here for a bit Dutch collector site:

      I found a set for an Austrian set from a few years ago, ordered some cards and blogged about it:

      Also, I discovered that sets were issued in 2002 & 2003 for the Italian Baseball League. I haven't been able to find any of them yet, but if you do a Google Image search for (the company/website that produced the cards, but no longer exists), you'll see a lot of the Fortitudo Bologna cards from the set.

  5. ah... the strip mall card shop. congratulations. a very rare find.