Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Series 1 Box Break 2 !!

Quick post today on my second box break of Series 1 I picked-up in Orlando recently. Let's start with the good stuff !!

The Auto of the box was one of the CUBS youngsters, Jorge Soler ! Soler made his debut last year August for the CUBS and I hope he will do well !

The relic card of the box was Johnny Cueto !! Always love some pitcher cards !

This box also included a pin, not to sure what to think about it but here's Posey !

Two cool vintage were included as well !!

I like these first pitch cards. I pulled Tom Morello which is very cool as I was a big big fan of Rage Against the Machine back in the 90ties !!

Also two Gallery of Greats were included, great insert set !!

The black parallel that was included was a Pirates card, numbered to only 64 ! Will add this to a package which I am already building today.

Several gold parallels were included as well, here's two, both for trade of course !

Anybody interested in these cards below, I have a bunch of them so let me know !

Several more of these shiny, I think, parallels were included as well. If somebody has any info on these let me know !! Both for trade !

That's it for box 2. I have loads of series 2 base cards for trade as well as inserts and parallels so happy to set something up !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. I won an autographed card from one of my Call Your Shot Game code cards. I haven't completed the redemption for it, though, so I don't know whose autograph I won.

  2. I'm interested in that Owings. :)

  3. Nice break and especially nice Soler!

  4. I believe those shiny parallels are the Rainbow Foil ones (seeded 1:10) ! Nice breaks !

  5. The Pirates team card is my favorite card so far this year! Very nice break.