Sunday, May 24, 2015

Series 1 Box Break

After two box breaks of 2015 Gypsy Queen it's time for 2 fun Series 1 box breaks, boxes I bought during my visit to Orlando. I passed on ordering some boxes when Series 1 came out so this was my first encounter with the set ! I will skip the base cards and focus on some of the inserts and "hits" !! The majority of cards you see will be for trade !

First up, Vintage !! I like this concept and can appreciate these cards a lot !

I love this year's Gallery of Greats insert set, here are two Dodgers !

This year's set also include the gold-border ones, here are four, are for trade !

Two more !

The relic card of the box was Dustin Pedroia ! A Red Sox one so it's for trade !

With these two I need you help. The seem much more shiny then the others and were situated near the inserts in the middle of the packs. Couldn't find info on them so curious to hear if this is just me being crazy or that these are really some sort of different parallels.

One black-border card, numbered to 64 was included as well, also for trade !

An auto card was also included, Giant's Erik Cordier !

The last card of today is a CUBS card ! I have been enjoying the CUBS a lot this season with all the young talent. Rizzo playing well again this season so that always make collecting him more enjoyable. Here's Baez with a logo pin.

That's it for box 1, stay tuned for Box 2 soon !

My Series 1 Want List should be up by now so, as always, let me know if you want to set up a trade !!


  1. Those shiny cards are rainbow parallels. The paper version of refractor parallels if you will.

  2. I would have loved to pull that '66 Allen by itself, without the stamp.

    1. Would be awesome to be able to open some 60ties or 70ties packs :-)