Sunday, May 17, 2015

I am back !!

Yesterday we arrived back here in Holland after spending two weeks in Florida ! Although we had a great time with the family it's always great to come home, even despite the jetlag !! During the two weeks in Florida I visited 2 LCS, a Walmart, a Target and hence broke some boxes of wax as well (including 2015 GQ, Series 1, and Diamond Kings) ! Stay tuned in the coming days for a few posts on this visits and box breaks !!

The great thing about arriving home after a two week holiday is that this usually means some packages in the mailbox ! Although trading has been a little light in recent weeks I still found two packages at my doorstep, one from Topps and one from Italy !

Here's the one from Topps, a Gold-Parallel Glavine Gypsy Queen card numbered to only 25 !!

Stay tuned for a bunch of posts in the coming days ! Thanks for visting my blog today, it's good to be back !!


  1. I hope you found the two LCS to worth your while!

  2. Great looking limited card. Congrats

  3. Welcome back. I've been trying to hunt down some stuff for you the last few weeks! Can't wait to see what you pulled.