Friday, May 22, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 2

Time to check out Gypsy Queen Box 2 that I broke during my Orlando holiday (bought at Orlando Sports Cards). As with box 1 let me stick to the inserts and "hits" !

First up, Queen Throwbacks with my latest Rizzo addition !!

Two silver minis were also included !! (not sure why the other box had 3 in there ?)

Two framed cards were included as well, Bautista and Peralta !

Let's move to the "hits" of the box. The relics with the Andrus being a nice one as I saw him play against the Rays last week in Tampa !

The two auto "hits" of the box were awesome ! First up, Pederson ! He has been doing great and I regretted a little bit that I traded away one of his autos a year or so ago. Love it !

The 2nd auto card also looks great and has a relic as a bonus as well. Here's Teheran !!

All in all a pretty cool box ! As said before, I will try to complete the full set including minis and inserts. I also still need plenty of base cards but have also plenty of base cards for trade. So let me know if you want to set something up !

Next up, let's break some Series 1 boxes

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  1. That Andrus swatch looks like faux wool. Gotta be a throwback jersey. My guess: when they suited up as the Black Panthers

  2. In fact, that very jersey is in GQ this year:

    1. Nice, thanks for the information, will check it out !!