Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Orlando LCS & 1888 A&G card !!!

I don't have the opportunity to visit the US that often so when I go I want to make it worthwhile. That's why I couldn't simply visit just one LCS and found one more to visit !! So after I visit Orlando Sportscards I paid a visit to Big League Cards, a 1 1/2 hour drive but it was worth it and a fun visit with my boys !!

It was a fun shop with nice people around. Here as well they had some Pokemon cards so I bought my boys several packs that kept them busy for a while. The owner even gave them some additional special packs so they were a happy bunch !!

Chatting a bit to the owner, a really nice guy, he indicated he was the inventor of the Allen & Ginter RIP card and has been doing work for Topps for many years !!! Anyways, also great to meet nice people but in the end we were on a mission, a mission to score some wax !!!

The shop had a nice selection and a decided to buy a few singles as well as two boxes. I took one box of 2015 Museum Collection, my first high-end break ever, and a box of 2015 Diamond Kings.

I noticed a few 1888 Allen & Ginter cards in the shop and was immediately intrigued. I didn't own any cards yet from the 1800s and I love Allen & Ginter. As the price was not really that expensive here's my first Original Allen & Ginter card from 1888, meet the Sparrow !!

I starting to really like these cards so I might be on the look-out for some more of these in the coming years !!

The second single I picked-up was less exciting, just a single Glavine for my Glavine PC ! For completeness here it is !

That's was it. The kids played some more with the Pokemon cards before we left. All in all a cool visit and hope to be back there some day !
Be on the look out for the Museum Collection & Diamond Kings Box Break reviews in the coming days !!

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  1. congrats on an outstanding pickup! I love grabbing original Ginter stuff! one of my favorite eBay sellers always has a ton in-stock (both slabbed and not), if you're looking to acquire more:

  2. I love the illustrated cards from the late 1800s through the 1930s, they are done so well (usually) and the colors are bright. Those cards stand the test of time well.

  3. Cards of any kind from before the use of photography -- basically, before World War II -- are more art than collectable in a lot of respects. If that A&G sparrow had not come with a pack of cigarettes, people would frame it and put in on their wall.

    Great pickups!