Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 1

As might have been clear from my earlier post on my visit to Orlando Sportscards, I did break a few boxes during my Holiday. Included on those were two 2015 Gypsy Queen boxes. As the base cards have been floding the blogosphere let me focus on the inserts and a couple of "hits". As always, I will be chasing the full set again including minis so happy to set up a trade (find my Want List here!).

Let's kick-off with some of the inserts. Here's a re-appearing Glove Stories insets and a new "The Queens Throwbacks" insert set.

2015 is also the year of the appearance of "silver" minis, all numbered to /199. They look pretty nice in my view.

Another new insert this year is the "Pillars of the Community", a nice concept in my opinion. Here's Wright with the Statue of Liberty having his back !

Walk-off Winners is also a nice one, here's Jeter !!

Each hobby box also contains two "framed" cards, I pulled Jeter (which I forgot to scan) and the National's one below.

Let's move to the "hits" of the box, two relics and two autos. My two relics are Kimbrel, still in a Braves uniform, and Adams of the Cardinals, both up for trade !

One of my two autos was a redemption, Kevin Gausman. Kevin is apparently a pitcher for Baltimore (I should pay closer attention as I had not yet heard of him). Always fun to pull a pitcher ! The 2nd auto was Chris Archer of the Rays. Chris Archer is a fun pull for me as he was the pitcher that pitch against the Yankees at the Tampa Bay Rays Game I attended during my holiday (although I was not really impressed by Archer in that game to be honest).

That's it for box 1, be on the look out for Box break 2 in the next few days !!

Again, my GQ Want List is up so happy to set up a trade !


  1. That's odd, when Archer faces the Yankees he usually looks like he's about to pitch a no-hitter against them.

    1. yeah, maybe he had a bad day or at least a bad start as he improved as the game progressed