Monday, January 7, 2013

2 Errors, 1 by Panini, 1 by me !

I recently noticed the Panini's 2012 Playoff Prime Cuts which had a great Blyleven relic card on its checklist. Luckily I am still only one of the few Blyleven collectors around and they popped-up pretty quickly on eBay. So here comes mistake number 1...I became nervous and bid on 2 at the same time....yes, you guessed it correctly...I won now I have 2 cool, numbered, Blyleven Jersey cards of the card below. Luckily, I only won these on the low price so not much harm done (shipping was the more expensive part of the deal at $4). So error 1 is all one me !

So what about error 2 I hear you think ? When the first card arrived I looked at it in more detail. I do think these are great looking cards, real classy so the front of the card gets my compliments (well done Panini). However, when reading the back I noticed they call Blyleven "Blylevin" in the first sentence. Oke oke, just a small error but does nobody check these cards before they go to print ? Maybe it's just me but I think its sloppy especially when you want to win market share from Topps, even without having the officials rights.


Then again, maybe its my lack of english language and was Blylevin actually used more often so let me know if I am totally off here !

Anyways, thanks again for the visit !


  1. Jeroen, you are right. I have never seen his name spelled "Blylevin." In fact, that would change the english pronunciation, as well, adding an accent, or stress, to the "i" - the "e" (which is proper) blends into the name more.

    Hope this helped, friend.

  2. That seems like a pretty big error; spelling the name of the the person on the card wrong. At least it was on the back in the paragraph rather than the main name written on the front or the back.

  3. Panini doesn't have a licence to use logos or MLB spell check. :)