Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Latest Kershaw !

Quick post today to show of my latest Kershaw addition, a 2012 Panini Signature series. I like this card and the lack of official Dodger logo doesn't really bother me. I also noticed that I have been picking-up more Panini cards lately (stamps anyone ?) and it feels that they are moving into the right direction. Hopefully they can keep this up to provide a nice alternative to Topps !

Well, let's stop talking and show the card ! Here it is !

What do you guys think, have you also been buying more Panini lately ?


  1. love the on-card aspect. I pick up a lot of Panini hockey and don't shy away from Panini baseball when it's affordable.

    congrats on the new Kersh!

  2. Non licensed, but it works! Nice autograph!

  3. Have not purchased any Panini, most of their stuff is way ouyta my price range!

  4. Nice area for the signature but do we need a close up?