Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trade with Community Gum: Minis !!!

Recently Jon at Community Gum showcased 2 boxes of 2012 Topps Minis with most of them for trade. With my quest to complete the full set not done yet, I contacted him right away to see if we could set up a nice trade. And so it happened that Jon send me a nice bunch of Topps 2012 Minis, bringing me close to completing the full set, only 7 cards to go !!

Here's what Jon send me, a nice Mickey Mantle to start with ! Also another Yankee, Brett Gardner in a nice catch !

In total Jon send me 21 Minis, here are a few more,  a great catch by Cabrera and a cool no-hitter this season by Philip Humber !

 A leader card was also included, Batting Average Leaders Reyes, Braun and Kemp !

Jon, thanks very much for the trade and helping me get close to completing the full set. In case anyone has the following minis for trade do let me know !!

I still need: 253, 310, 380, 400, 550, 639, 650

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Very happy to help! Hopefully you can track down those last few soon. Come on guys! Help him out!

  2. Did you ever get the full set? If so, that's very impressive. I can't even complete the Dodgers set.

  3. I love the #7 Topps Mantle cards. I wish they were still doing it.

  4. an alliterative card... a Mickey Mantle Mini!! too cool! I collect Mickey cause of his jersey number.

  5. Melky trying to be like Mike Trout
    ha ha

  6. Community Gum hooked me up with some nice Rangers minis.