Sunday, January 13, 2013

Package from Cardboard Catastrophes !!

Late last week I received a package from a place called Norman, sender being Jeffrey. Normally I keep proper track of my trades and the only person from Norman I knew was Jeremy from No One is Going To Read This Blog and I was sure that we had already completed our trade a while back. After a bit of digging I vaguely remembered an e-mail from Carlsonjok at Cardboard Catastrophes asking for my address as he had some cards for me, cards that seem to match the content of the package I received. Doing some more digging on the internet I could confirm that Carlsonjon (or Jeffrey according to the envelop) is also based in Norman ! I hear you thinking, oke oke Sherlock, let's show us the cards ! Well here we go !

The package was great, a cool mix of cards from my Want List, ranging from Minis to A&G inserts, Lineage and Gypsy Queen ! Jeffrey really spend the time going through my Want List which is much, much appreciated !! Let's start with the minis !!

The Minis were a great selection of 2012 A&G and 2011 Kimball which I am both trying to complete !

Gypsy Queen was also included, a very cool Sabathia. A gold/brown framed retail version which is great as retail is not easy to get in Europe ! Also a nice 2012 A&G insert of Ripken I was still missing.

2008 A&G was also present. I am gradually getting towards completing the base set !!

I am also still trying to complete some of the 2011 Lineage inserts so these were very welcome ! Let's hope Pineda can give us some joy in 2013.

and more A&G, 2012 What's in a Name and the 2011 comparable Hometown Heroes (extra special to me given its Sabathia !!).

Last card for today is a cool Lincecum from the Heritage set !!

Jeffrey, thanks so much for a very cool, and unexpected, package. I am going to send you something in return of course once I figure out what you would like (your small Want List is not helping me a lot :-))

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog today ! Enjoy the rest of the weekend !


  1. I see a Goldschmidt mini in there. Very nice!

  2. theres that Timmy guy again....
    burns the eyes

  3. That does NOT look like Cal Ripken Jr. More like his dad.