Friday, January 25, 2013

SP Signature Edition: Glavine !

A while back Upper Deck came out with its SP Signature Edition with a checklist that included Tom Glavine. Clearly, as a Glavine junkie....euhhh...I mean "supercollector", I was on the look-out for this card and a while back one finally hit eBay. The great thing about Glavine is that there are not that many Glavine collectors around which keeps prices fairly decent. Therefore, I had the chance to pick this one up for a nice price and it arrived at my doorsteps a few days back !

As Upper Deck does not have a license or anything, the card has no Braves logo and not even a picture of Glavine. Still, I acutally like this card very much, it has a nice "old" feel to it but please judge for it is !

Thanks for the visit today !


  1. A Glavine auto, but a plain one especially compared to some of the others of yours that I've seen.

  2. very understated, plain simple design. but it gets the point across.

  3. simple and plain but with a HOF signature. perfect

  4. I'll bet you have a little more competition for his stuff now.