Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trade with Robert at $30 a week habit !

I have a policy that every trade deserves a post on my blog. Today's great trade clearly deserves one as well !! Recently, Robert at $30 a week habit gave up on his quest to complete the full 2012 Gypsy Queen SP set and offered the ones he already had up for trade. Lucky for me I still needed a few so a cool trade was quickly born. I send Robert some cards for his Insanity Collection (and I agree with Robert, it's an insane but fun project!) in return for 4 missing GQ SPs. They arrived safe and sounds on my doormat last week. Here they are !

First up the newest Yankee: Youkilis ! An old man replacing another injured old man some might say. A rookie was included as well, Matt Moore !

Two more cool cards, Griffey and Votto !

These 4 brings me 12 SPs from completing the 2012 set. Hopefully this can be arranged before Gypsy Queen 2013 comes out ! So if you have any for trade please let me know !!

I am still looking for the following SPs: 67 Josh Hamilton, 71 Ian Kennedy, 84 Freddie Freeman, 110 Jose Bautista, 120 Mickey Mantle, 142, Carlos Gonzalez, 149 Ryan Zimmerman, 226 Johnny Bench, 240 Tim Lincecum, 248 Wade Boggs, 258 Mike Schmidt, 288 Yu Darvish

Thanks Robert for a great trade ! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog today !


  1. Glad that you were able to use them Jeroen, and best of luck completing the set!!

  2. Great policy! Every Trade Must Be Blogged!

  3. That's a sweet Griffey! I've got to pick that one up!

  4. Not everyone feels that way about trades but I agree. Good job.