Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crossing the 100 relic card mark !!

Quick post today with 2 new Jersey card additions to my Glavine PC ! Both numbered and recently popping-up on eBay ! First-up a nice Fleer Maximum from 2002 and numbered to 100. I like this one and think it's a pretty cool card.

Next one is a bit more boring in my view, a 2003 Leaf Certified Materials, Fabric of the Game, also numbered to 100. It would have been so cool if the card really indicated in which game Glavine wore this jersey but that's a discussion for another time....

That's it, those were relic card 106 and 107 of my Glavine PC if I am not mistaken, didn't even realize I had crossed the #100 mark already !!! Next stop, 125 !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Wow, nice! That's more than double the number of Pizza relics I have!

  2. 107 relic cards! That's awesome! I do love the cards that indicate the actual relic on the card, but at least these jersey cards are the same as the jersey in the picture on the card.

  3. I need to count my relic, don't think it'll come close to 107 though...

  4. 100+
    My favorite player has only 25 in my PC