Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kershaw 2009 Triple Threads

Just a quick one today, a new Kershaw card came in: 2009 Triple Threads, Rising Stars !! Numbered to only 99, signed as well as having a cool jersey in it. Clearly, good vision by Topps as Kershaw moved from Rising Star to a clear ace for the Dodgers in recent seasons !!

That's it for today, thanks for the visit !


  1. Crazy card. Someone's going to have to fill me in on the "10O SOS." Is that "strikeouts"?

    1. Using Google it seems it means Strike-out with the 3rd strike being a swing...but please someone correct me if this is not the case !

  2. Nice card! I think this is the second one that I've seen on your blog, but if I remember correctly the other one has a little more color.

  3. boy, after reading these posts, I can spot a Kershaw auto a mile away now!

  4. Kershaw never gets old to collect
    Great card

  5. If sticker autos aren't going away, and they aren't, shiny stickers should NEVER be used. Still, nice Kershaw!