Friday, January 10, 2014

Closed, the contest is closed people !!

My dear readers, thank you all to participating in my contest, hope you had some fun although it's not quite over yet, we still have some prizes to hand out !!

As this one is closing while I am sleeping I will count all the comments during the weekend. For now I can mention that 26 of you participated and 4 of you left over 400 comments !! Wow, over 400 each, must have been a busy few days and note that this is post number 401 so you commented on all posts ! It also means there has been quite some competition !!

On Sunday I will reveal who these 4 people are. Given that these 4 people commented on all posts I will very likely put these 4 in a randomizer to decide on the nr 1 and nr 2. The other 2 will then be included in the randomization for the other 3-6 cards, together with everyone else !!

Stay tuned to see who wins in the end !!!

Enjoy the weekend !

Let's end the post with a card, a box-topper relic card I pulled 2 years ago and via Kyle at JABO (remember him!) I think it ended up at Nachos Grande. One of my cooler pulls from recent years ! Hope Chris is still enjoying the card !!



  1. Nice box topper
    Thank you again running the contest. It was fun reading all your posts but dame my hand hurts.
    I know Im one of the four so here are my good vibes towards your randomizing hands for the weekend.
    = )

  2. Thanks for the contest! It was a lot of fun!

  3. does this mean we can stop commenting now?? GReat fun reading all of your posts as well as the comments left by my fellow participants. One suggestion for the future, if commenting is to be included, turn off your verification during the contest, some of those captchas were impossible, I know a couple of them failed three times or more for me. Like I said though, GReat fun!! Looking forward to the end results.

  4. Given the comments left here i dont expect any surprise when I announce the four people that left comments on each of the 400 posts !