Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sandlot loot !!

Joe at the Sandlot has been one of my regular trading partners since I started collecting a few years ago. Whenever I have excess Piazza cards or Mets in general I know how to get rid of them ! Earlier this week a nice return package from the Sandlot arrived with some cool cards, thanks Joe ! Here they are !!

First up, new Panini cards !! Despite the missing logos I think Panini is doing a good job trying to get some new fresh cards into the market. One of the few negatives these days is still their lack of any response on my redemptions which have been sitting there for over a year now. Anyways, Joe send me a couple of cool Panini cards including the Captain !

Some more Paninis were included ! My favourite Yankees Catcher and Closer !

I was very happy that Joe included 4 Yankees Stadium Legacy cards, helping me in my quest to complete the set. I think I have a few hundred now so "only" 5,000 or so more to go :-)

Some Bowman Chrome was also included, meet Sabathia and newbie Tyler Austin !

Mantle was also present and a cool Canseco card. Really a nice shiny Fleer Showcase !

 Let's finish with two more pitchers, another Rivera and Clemens !

Thanks again Joe for a cool package of Yankees cards !!


  1. Nice pickups. I've only have two of the Yankee Stadium legacy cards I got a year or two ago from a blog "draft" contest. They are Waite Hoyt #202 and Joe Torre #5910. I'm not into the YSLegacy set as a set mostly since it is such a huge set card number wise and the fact that they only use a handful of pictures for the fronts of each player, OK I realize for some of these guys just finding 20-25 different pictures of them would be a challenge. It must make trying to collect the set frustrating. The big plus though is you get a card of some of these legends that you might not normally have the opportunity to own a card of.

    It may take me a while to come up with a trade package that is worth sending overseas just two cards doesn't cut it in my book.

    1. Just make a nice "dutch card guy" pile and a trade will conr at some point !